I Made It

I made it to Detroit. Jameson picked me up at the airport sometime after one o’clock on Christmas morning. I got a little irritated since I was told the luggage would be picked up at one carousel, which was on the opposite side of where we wanted to be, but then it changed to a different one, which was near the doors where I came out. I guess someone thought we needed exercise. :hehe:

I spent Sunday with Jameson’s family. We went to his house to open presents and then went to his Grandma’s house. We then went back to Jameson’s house and had a steak and shrimp dinner. In all actuality, I had the shrimp and rice only since I don’t like steak.

I was really sick of Jameson’s family by the time I got back to the hotel. His brother is really, really annoying. I told Jameson that if I were to see him again, I’d probably break his neck. He liked the idea, until I reminded him that if I were to do that, I’d probably spend a few years in jail.

Monday Jameson had to work, but got off early. We went to Great Lakes Crossing, where I completed one of the “required” tasks to “pay off” my airplane ticket. This past July, my mom and I went to the Love From Michigan store, where we picked up some salsa for my dad. When he found out I was going, he wanted me to bring back more, since that is the only salsa he likes. After going to the mall last night, Jameson and I went for a drive to Ohio. Since visiting, Jameson was reminded that it has been a while since he has done one of his “State Series” blog entries. We came up with a few things to talk about.

Michigan has some “stupid” signs on their roads. Some of them include “no turn on red except on green arrow” and no left/right turn signs at the end of a merge, specifically when you enter a freeway. :-O Michigan lefts are weird; Minnesota doesn’t have them and we don’t have traffic problems that Jameson says the special turns avoid.

After Ohio, we went to dinner at Chili’s and then went to the grocery store where I picked up some Vegetable Lasagna. 😀 Jameson says he’s never seen someone so excited about getting it. I guess he doesn’t know how much of a treat it is for me to have that.

Jameson is working all day today, so I’m going to sit in the hotel room all day. I woke up a little over an hour ago, so after I watch Passions and the movies he left me, time should go by really quickly. 🙂

I leave tomorrow night. I know I’m leaving, but this parting between Jameson and I doesn’t appear to be as bad as the previous partings. :'( I’m sure it’ll hit me right before I have to leave, but for now, I’m keeping my thoughts positive.


Well, in just under twelve hours, I’ll be boarding an airplane headed for Detroit. I have my suitcase packed, with the exception of my toliletries. Right now, I’m “fixing” my mom’s laptop so it will “work” for me. Basically, this means that I am taking the unused programs off the computer to speed up boot time, and then installing programs that I want to use. Mozilla Firefox, for example.

I guess this will be my last entry, unless I become bored and decide to share with you what’s happening. Until then, have a good holiday and a great New Year!

Camping Trip

[edit]I’m home early because I wasn’t feeling well. I decided to visit the doctor today and good thing I did too since I found out I have mono. I find this out AFTER going to the doctor TWICE last Friday and being told I had nothing…

So, the highlight of my trip: visiting Gunflint Lake. The worst part, other than being sick: freezing my arse off in the tent since I wasn’t prepared.

Summary: I went camping and returned home early. I’m sick…and I had some great plans for this weekend.

Jeff, where are you…? ^^[/edit]

I’m going camping! I’ll be back on Wednesday. 😀

If I return and there is a “nice site” comment on the blog, I will be so pissed off, it’s not even funny. Seriously, I’m thinking of not doing this blog commenting thing anymore if people don’t know how to comment properly!