Well, in just under twelve hours, I’ll be boarding an airplane headed for Detroit. I have my suitcase packed, with the exception of my toliletries. Right now, I’m “fixing” my mom’s laptop so it will “work” for me. Basically, this means that I am taking the unused programs off the computer to speed up boot time, and then installing programs that I want to use. Mozilla Firefox, for example.

I guess this will be my last entry, unless I become bored and decide to share with you what’s happening. Until then, have a good holiday and a great New Year!

Camping Trip

[edit]I’m home early because I wasn’t feeling well. I decided to visit the doctor today and good thing I did too since I found out I have mono. I find this out AFTER going to the doctor TWICE last Friday and being told I had nothing…

So, the highlight of my trip: visiting Gunflint Lake. The worst part, other than being sick: freezing my arse off in the tent since I wasn’t prepared.

Summary: I went camping and returned home early. I’m sick…and I had some great plans for this weekend.

Jeff, where are you…? ^^[/edit]

I’m going camping! I’ll be back on Wednesday. 😀

If I return and there is a “nice site” comment on the blog, I will be so pissed off, it’s not even funny. Seriously, I’m thinking of not doing this blog commenting thing anymore if people don’t know how to comment properly!