I Need Some Alone Time

I have to be stuck with my mom all day tomorrow. I’m not looking forward to it. I never have any time to myself anymore. It is really hard not being able to do anything.

We took the car in for repairs yesterday and I took my mom when we went to pick it up. She literally could have killed us because she was telling me how to drive. The cars were coming up really quickly and she told me to turn in front of them. I didn’t want to, but I knew if I didn’t she’d be bitching at me all day.

This is so hard. I know what I want and it seems like I’m not going to get what I want. In fact I know I won’t because nobody takes time to get to know me. I keep saying this over and over, but some people just don’t know what I’ve been through. I’ve been broken too many times. I’ve never been happier than I was last night, and I’m waiting just for him to call me and say hi.

I’m not sure what’s going to happen with my site because I received an email from my host today telling me that my site might not works since my nameservers aren’t set properly. I was never told they were wrong to begin with, and I can’t change them since I don’t have access to change them, even though I’ve written a letter to the person who registered it for me asking for transfer of the domain to be under my name.

A Date At Perkins

Well, If you were me, you’d be in shock. Well, I’m really not in shock, I’m just a little surprised. There’s a fine line between shock and surprise.

I didn’t tell you about what I did on Friday night. At the time I didn’t think it was really important, not that it is now, but I suppose I should explain to give you the full effect of the story. I’m an adult and my mom has a problem with me going out at night. She keeps telling me her excuse is that she was my age and there were guys who wanted to get in her pants. But I think she’s being a little hypocritical since she moved to Florida when she turned eighteen had a forty year-old black man be her sugar daddy. I know she’s just trying to look out for me, but still, when I tell her I’m going to hang out with my guy friends she doesn’t believe me. She thinks that when I hang out with a guy after 7:00PM it’s going to involve sex.

I’ve already talked to my dad about my feelings on the issue, and he said it would be courteously just to leave a note where they can find it and bring a cell phone. My mom hasn’t grasped the idea of me doing that yet. So, what did I do? I left. Friday night I went out with a man. Yup, a man. He’s older than me, and he treated me well. There weren’t any problems at all. I did what she asked of me, left her a note and brought my cell phone. On Sunday she finally brought up where I went on Friday and why I didn’t tell her. She didn’t ask on Saturday so I didn’t tell her. She thought I was keeping something from her. And in a way I was, but I wasn’t. I don’t think I should have to tell her what I’m doing or where I’m going every second of the day now that I’m eighteen. So on Friday night I went out with a nice man. He picked me up and we went to get a bite to eat. I told my dad that I went out with some friends, and I didn’t get questioned because he knew I left a note and brought my cell phone.

I started talking to this guy online and I made plans so we could meet again on Friday. But no, he had to tell me that he thinks he’ll be cheating on a girlfriend that he doesn’t have. I don’t know what’s up with that. And then he kept asking me for advice about his love life…and I tried to help him out, but something was just odd about it, and I was talking it over with a great friend and we came to the conclusion that he is gay. There’s nothing wrong with that, but he’s in denial pretty badly and I wanted to help him. Oh well.

My mom had a doctor appointment yesterday. She was called to review her lab results. When we arrived at the clinic to check in, she wasn’t feeling well at all, and to make things worse, as if they weren’t already, the doctor called in sick. She was sent to the lab again for more tests to see if anything changed and she’s supposed to go over those with the appointment she has with the doctor this afternoon.

My mom woke me up early today to eat breakfast at the Northland Inn. I went with her only because she needed the company and she gets a free meal if someone goes with her. The two of us ate for less than if we were to go to a sit down restaurant, which I think is interesting considering how expensive the hotel is. During breakfast my mom and I decided to go to the outlet mall to get some more dishes and silverware. She had to stop at home to get the other checkbook though. She checked the messages and you would not believe what was on the message…her doctor called in sick today as well. This visit is important because it’s for her pre-op physical since she’ll be having surgery to remove her gallbladder on Tuesday (hopefully). She called for another appointment and she’ll be seeing the same P.A. she saw yesterday. But as crazy as it sounds, I think they don’t like her. They’re just passing her onto another doctor. And she keeps having bandages put on her wounds. But one of these days, the bandage isn’t going to heal, and they’ll have to “fix” her back to normal.

It’s just weird since my mom never shows the classic symptoms of anything anymore. She didn’t for her neck, gallbladder, or pancreas. Since she doesn’t have “pain” she can’t be diagnosed with anything because supposedly people with inflamed pancreases and gallstones have “pain” but the pain she gets is in the form of sore muscles which doctors don’t consider “pain.”

Twenty Questions

LOL! Now that it is May I have changed my calendar. Now I still have to update my archives. But until then I am going to just have them sitting on this page. 🙂

Today’s Daily Zen

If you could be a super-hero or a fictional character with super powers, who would you be and why? Which superhero has x-ray vision? I want x-ray vision…

Today’s 20 questions
1. What’s the best birthday present you’ve ever had? I got a new radio/tape player/CD changer.
2. What do you eat for breakfast? Most of the time I don’t eat any, sometimes I have toast or cold cereal, and once in a while I have hash, pancakes, French toast, or go out for brunch or breakfast.
3. What’s your favorite piece of jewelry? My necklace with a pink quartz stone on it.
4. What’s the best book you’ve ever read? The ONLY book I have finished recently was God of Beer.
5. Which gadget couldn’t you do without? Can opener? Honestly, computer came first but how would I eat canned peas without the can opener?
6. Which website can you recommend to me? Who is ‘me’?
7. Do you have any allergies? No.
8. Are you left or right handed? Depends on what I am doing. I write with my right hand.
9. Do you have any piercings? No, not even the ears.
10. What’s your favorite painting/print? Van Gogh’s Starry Night.
11. What was the last thing you ate? Corn Chex cereal.
12. Where in the world would you like to be right now? I can name an address but I won’t say it.
13. Do you collect anything? If so, what? Nothing really.
14. What type of books do you prefer reading)? I already told you, I don’t like to read. Non-fiction.
15. Do you have a daily newspaper? Which one? Yeah, it’s called the Star Tribune.
16. Do you use tissues or linen handkerchiefs? Tissues.
17. What’s your oldest possession? My Grandmother’s necklace.
18. Do you use a fountain pen or a ballpoint pen? Ballpoint pen.
19. Do you have any pets? Yes, I have two cats.
20. Do you have any phobias? Nothing anymore.