Let’s Pretend…

I have two days to write the group paper. Wouldn’t you know, nobody has taken the time to inform me of their opinions. At this point, I’m thinking of calling each group member and saying, “Hey, we had a deal…” My feelings are the same as the class instructor’s. If this were in a workplace environment, we’d be fired right now. Which leads me to say this:

Let’s pretend I’m the boss of a company. I told my employees to do something, they agreed and wrote it down in their notes. As the boss, I am not going to call everybody I look after to tell them to work.

You know what’s sad? My final communication process journal is based on this entry I’m writing now. I am getting extremely frustrated with this. You think a paper and project that is worth a quarter of your grade would be “enough” motivation to get this done. Maybe they think they’re getting away with a good grade if they don’t do anything, since I seem to be taking most of the work load, now that we “failed” our project. I feel like I’m the only one who is trying to work this out.

I want them to get nothing if they don’t help me with this. How do I tell the instructor?

For a change, here are some photos I took of my room/”office space.” I think my camera got a bit lonely.

This is the wall behind and to the left of my computer.

This is the wall next to my bed.

This is the wall behind where I sit at the computer.

computer area
This is where I’m sitting now.

See’s Candies is the best ever…

Server Move Complete

If you can read this, you are on the new server.

And…today is Bee Blog Day, where members of The Quilting Bee write a short entry about what they like about the club. I like the club since with each trade, I learn a little more about people. Although I don’t talk to the people I trade with on a daily basis, some chose to do so, it is a great “friendship club” that has far more to it than trading patches. My favorite activity would be the secret Santa activities held the past holiday seasons. This activity is where you can sign up to trade pixel images with other users, anonymously until the end of the activity. For me, most of the fun goes into making the pixels.


It’s been a while, hasn’t it. I’ve been busy “housekeeping”. I have to write a paper explaining the group dynamics while working together to teach our interpersonal communication class about ethics. We will be presenting on Wednesday, and I will turn in the paper on Monday. I could spend a whole entry writing about our group, but I’ll spare you the boredom and save it for the paper.

I need to clean my room so badly. I have a bag full of my garbage sitting next to my desk. My dad never takes the time to empty my wastebasket, so I’m stuck throwing it in a bag. When the bag gets full, then it’s time to bring it to the garbage can in the garage. Other than the trash, there’s a bunch of things I don’t need anymore but keep for the hell of it. here are the examples I can see right now: some pictures I’ll never look at again, an AAA brochure, a bottle of old Lysine (which I will flush), a dried up violet highlighter. I need to wash my clothes, vacuum my floor, wash the walls, clean my closet, remove stuff from my walls that I don’t want anymore, and re-arrange my room. Actually, more like move my bed and computer desk in a ninety-degree shift to the west.

Money’s been tighter than ever, since I’ve had to use my spare change to buy presents for people I know. Wait, make that Jameson and his family. The family gift, I just received confirmation, has been sent. The store near me didn’t have one, so I took time to contact another store and have it shipped to me. Then, I realized, this store had an online shopping cart. Oops. I went to the south campus of school and cashed in my books. Hearing from what my group members said, I wasn’t expecting a lot for the books. I got a little over one hundred dollars for four books. I told my mom I got twenty dollars in total, and that it went toward tuition (which isn’t exactly a lie since I put the money toward tuition).

There’s the issue of hosting fees. I am unable to afford this next year of hosting, so I will be forced to move to keep my files online. I plan on buying a new plan within the week, moving files over, and then canceling this hosting, so things should go smoothly. I hope, anyway. I have a lot of PHP coding I need to fix to make it compatible with the new host I have chosen. Maybe, I’m not sure. That’s probably what I will be doing over my vacation when Jameson is sleeping/drunk/working… (Jameson, please don’t take offense to that.)

Speaking of offending people, I got extremely offended by what someone had to say in one of my friends’ blogs. Let’s just say that my dad has the same rights as my mom and I do. Just because my dad, his brother, and his sister weren’t born in this country doesn’t mean he didn’t have the right to become a citizen of the United States. My uncle was born in Canada and became a United States citizen, and it seems like nobody has any second thoughts about that. Even though my dad was born to parents who were United States citizens, people give second thought to him being a United States citizen. I guess being “natural born” to this person includes Canada and the United Kingdom. Oh, and although I don’t agree what my grandparents did in Africa in the 50’s, I don’t hate them for it, and you shouldn’t hate me for what they did, either.

Do I smell racism?