Camping Trip

[edit]I’m home early because I wasn’t feeling well. I decided to visit the doctor today and good thing I did too since I found out I have mono. I find this out AFTER going to the doctor TWICE last Friday and being told I had nothing…

So, the highlight of my trip: visiting Gunflint Lake. The worst part, other than being sick: freezing my arse off in the tent since I wasn’t prepared.

Summary: I went camping and returned home early. I’m sick…and I had some great plans for this weekend.

Jeff, where are you…? ^^[/edit]

I’m going camping! I’ll be back on Wednesday. 😀

If I return and there is a “nice site” comment on the blog, I will be so pissed off, it’s not even funny. Seriously, I’m thinking of not doing this blog commenting thing anymore if people don’t know how to comment properly!

Dumb Docotors

After having a temporary blog on the subdomain during the three-day hiatus, I’ve brought the site back. Notice I’m using something new? I’m using WordPress. If you can use it, you should. It’s awesome. But like my hiatus page said, some stuff happened and I was really pissed about it. The guestbook was filled with stupid comments. I thought I knew who did it, but I’ve since changed my mind and decided it was, uh..someone I can’t mention or he’ll kick my ass. OK, not that he’s reading this, but whatever.

I’ve been taking antibiotics for the past week because the doctors thought I had mono. I went to urgent care because I wasn’t getting better and I was told I didn’t have anything. Whatever I had was just a stomach flu with tonsillitis. Why am I still taking antibiotics then? I’ve always thought that it’s bad to take antibiotics when you don’t really need them.

My mom went to the opening of the great Minnesota get-together, also known as the Minnesota State Fair, with Karen. I was all by myself today, waiting for something that didn’t happen so it was a waste of a day. Tomorrow I’m staying home like I usually do, and I might be going out later that evening. Haha, I need to be laid. It’s been a while.

I drove the car for the first time since it was fixed this afternoon. I haven’t gotten used to driving it since it’s so low to the ground. I can hardly see out the back and sides of it. I was going to merge in with traffic, but I totally messed that up so I went to the turn lane and took the side road to the next light. Plus I figured I’d get away from the people who were behind me; they were most likely pissed at me since I held up traffic a bit. There was a car who was passing me and then slowed down in front of me and I got really irritated at them so I passed them again. Then there are people who ride on my ass for a mile and then pass me, and only me, thinking they’re going to save themselves some time by passing one car. I hate stupid drivers. Oh, yeah. It was raining today, but it wasn’t that dark. Good idea to use your headlights, anyway. But, there are still those people who haven’t figured it out yet: it’s the law, you need headlights if you’re using your windshield wipers. We’ve had that law here for what, almost twenty years now? I swear, some people have their head buried somewhere that I don’t want to know.

I’m Having Surgery

Whee! English is over. Tomorrow is the last day of the trimester. I’m so happy. I FINALLY found my portfolio for foundations class. It was hiding in my dad’s room. I finished it all, so the only homework I have left is that fact sheet for self-development. My topic got changed to hair, which really made me happy, because after thinking of my previous topic, this topic seems much easier. I went to see the neurosurgeon again this morning. Yup, I’m having surgery. I didn’t hear much of what he said because I was in total shock. I mean, I was thinking surgery would be the next option, but hearing a doctor telling me that just freaked me out. But I have a while to think about it. I really want to be better, but I also want to be really better for the mass the choir and orchestra is putting on. It will take me a week to recover, so I need to think really hard about my decision. I think this is one of the hardest decisions I will have to make in my teenage life.