But I Thought…?

Aren’t doctors supposed to be professional? Doesn’t that mean they’re not supposed to chew gum when giving an exam? And how about taking off my glasses when shining that light into my eye? Is there something wrong with a nurse who blows their nose with a tissue, and continues the exam without washing his hands? What about his coughing? What about not even doing the exam properly?

I’m still convinced you’re the reason my blood pressure was being read at 140/99 – fuckers. Look. I went to school to learn how to do that, and I KNOW you don’t have me raise my arm in the air when I’m standing up. Read my paperwork…and you’ll discover that my tonsils are swollen for a reason, and that I walk funny because of a foot injury, and I have a scar on my back because I had surgery…

Last night ended “eventfully”. I met up with a friend for dinner, then hopped into the car and went for a drive *wink* to a nice house. A house without anything in it. Except windows, doors, and floors.

My mother caught me, had to explain myself…and let me be the first to tell you, I’m glad she understands.

I cried last night.

Oh, but at the dinner table tonight…

…she insisted on talking about someone. Actually, I think it went like this out of the blue:

“It was his mother, wasn’t it?”
Uh, I don’t know. Does it look like I care? Because, I don’t care… “I’m not sure.”
“You never found out, did you?”
“I told you, I haven’t talked to him.”
“Why aren’t you talking to him?”
“Sixty days.”
“What’s sixty days?”
“…the amount of time between us seeing/talking to each other.”
“Oh, that’s what he wanted.”
“No, that’s not what he said. That’s what I’m giving him.”
“So, when are you going to talk to him?”
“I don’t know, at least sixty days.”
“Sixty days…?”
“I just explained it.”
“So, if he calls you tomorrow, will you answer.”
“Why not?”
“He’s going to call you and tell you what a big mistake it was…”
“I’m pretty sure he won’t be doing that.”
“Because he knows that one of the following will happen. A, I tell him I don’t want to talk to him. Basically tell him it’s over because that’s what I thought he wanted. Or, B, we get back together and he pays through the nose for what he’s done.”
“Good girl. I raised you right.”
“Isn’t that the truth…”
“Hey, I noticed you didn’t go to Applebee’s last night.”
“Sure I did.”
“Oh, OK. How’s the rebound relationship going?”
“What relationship?”
“Then, do you care to tell me why your bra was in the back seat of the car?”
“Umm…well, there’s that guy. Becky’s friend. And we’re friends. But we like…oh, I know what you’re thinking!”
“No I’m not.”
“Just to let you know, we haven’t…”

Never been so happy. Saying that makes me sad. 🙁 It’s nice being able to get hugs whenever you feel like it. And the other stuff, like quality time where you can talk about anything. All thanks to a friend I no longer have…

Camping Trip

[edit]I’m home early because I wasn’t feeling well. I decided to visit the doctor today and good thing I did too since I found out I have mono. I find this out AFTER going to the doctor TWICE last Friday and being told I had nothing…

So, the highlight of my trip: visiting Gunflint Lake. The worst part, other than being sick: freezing my arse off in the tent since I wasn’t prepared.

Summary: I went camping and returned home early. I’m sick…and I had some great plans for this weekend.

Jeff, where are you…? ^^[/edit]

I’m going camping! I’ll be back on Wednesday. 😀

If I return and there is a “nice site” comment on the blog, I will be so pissed off, it’s not even funny. Seriously, I’m thinking of not doing this blog commenting thing anymore if people don’t know how to comment properly!