Just before Easter, my husband and I visited a new construction apartment complex.  The leasing agent gave us a tour and we liked what we saw.  Given our current lease end date, we told the leasing agent when we would like to move in and things didn’t seem to be a problem.  Fast forward to today.  We applied in-person since the unit is pre-leasing and we are unable to apply for a unit that is not physically available.  The only unit available in the best floor plan won’t be available until two weeks before or two weeks after our current lease is up.  If we’re approved, which I don’t see being a problem, that gives us just over seventy days from now until we have to be moved in.  I’m looking around and there are so many things that have to be done.

Nothing can be as overwhelming as packing up the belongings of one and a half people without the help of anyone else.  I’m going to try my best and do things one day at a time.  I have three days of uncertainty until we’ve received the approval.  In essence, the countdown hasn’t started, but when it does…

I had a two-month followup with my dermatologist earlier in the week and she saw a dramatic improvement in my skin texture.  I still can’t believe it took over ten years to find a solution to my skin problems!  I experimented with makeup for the first time in years and discovered the miracle of color correcting powder.  Check me out, I’m also rocking some awesome Paint skills!

I have followups with two other specialists in the coming week and I’m not expecting any bad news.  I am noticing mood changes with a new medication and I am definitely going to bring that up to my doctor and my therapist.  I’m having a hard time deciding if I’m depressed or something less severe.  I have no desire to do things I once loved, but I know that doesn’t automatically mean depression.  Listening to music makes me feel great; recently the thought of food makes me feel sick.

Cancer Free

Last week I found out my tumor markers are undetectable and my doctor has told me I am currently cancer-free.  A neck ultrasound showed no lymph node enlargement or nodules.  My pulmonologist reviewed my previous three CT scans and decided that there are no changes in my lungs.  He diagnosed me with granulomatous lung disease.  His exact words were, “you will die with it, not because of it.”


Dear Clinic,

Thank you for informing me three months ago that you will be closing your doors and will no longer be accepting new patients. As a current patient, I was entitled to visits up until the closing of the clinic, which was scheduled for the end of January.

I made my appointment for a date that was a month ago. I was canceled because my clinician was ill. I was told I was going to be rescheduled. I had faith in you.

After sitting on my bum for a month, I finally call you and find out that she is no longer seeing patients and that she doesn’t have any forwarding information. I am not able to see anyone else at the clinic because I would be considered a new patient to those providers.

So, you’re officially closed to me. Thanks for letting me know on such short notice that I have to find someone new and tell my story all over again. (Wasn’t the point in you letting me know you were closing was so I could tie up those loose ends and find someone else??)