Friday started out pretty badly, became even worse during dinner, and became very, very wonderful by the time it was time to go to bed.

Usually, my mom and I spend Friday nights at home waiting TV and eating pizza since my dad gets sleep before he starts his second job. This time, we decided to go to the seafood buffet at a local hotel. The service was horrible. It took our wait person ages to clear our plates and fill our water glasses. Other wait staff filled her duties, but it included being lazy; they reached over the wall to clear our plates instead of walking around the wall. It made me want to say, “If you want to take these plates, you will walk around the wall.” There was a party of about eighty people who were sat at one time. Each of them went up to the buffet at the same time, and they took all the food. There was no fried shrimp left, so I waited a good ten minutes for a new batch to come out. The manager mocked me by saying something to the extent of, “Yay, shrimp!” My mom paid for dinner with her gift certificate. The waitress almost screwed herself out of a tip since she had to get the remainder of her gift certificate as a gift certificate, rather than getting cash back. Of course, it still expires when the original one does, and it will be mailed to her.

The good thing that came out of dinner? I get to see Jameson over the Christmas holiday. 🙂 My dad doesn’t know that my mom paid for the entire vacation; he thinks Jameson pulled through for me. I have a secret: I’m scared to fly.

Osseo Police

After reading through the local paper this morning, I decided to inform people reasons you can get pulled over in Osseo, MN, and the possible outcomes of being pulled over:

Reasons You Get Pulled Over
Not wearing a safety belt
Failing to signal
Loud exhaust (this happened to Jameson)
Out-of-state vehicle
Careless driving
Semaphore violations
“Suspicious driving” (Evidently, parking your car at night with parking lights on and leaving it running while you deliver a pizza is “suspicious driving.”)
Equipment violations
Objects hanging from a rear-view mirror

The Possible Outcomes…
You get a ticket for the same reason you were pulled over in the first place.
You have a warrant out for your arrest. They arrest you and impound your vehicle.
You have no insurance. They give you a citation and impound your vehicle.
You have no driver’s license. They arrest you or give you a citation and impound your vehicle.
You have an out-of-state driver’s license and discover you have no Minnesota license when you should have. They give you a citation and impound your vehicle.
You’re drunk. They arrest you and impound your vehicle.
They’ll find that you did nothing wrong and make you sit in your car until they find something to cite/arrest you for.

This list will be updated as I find the time and stupid “excuses” for those damn pigs.

Letter To Self II

Tina and I went to Noodles for macaroni and cheese tonight. She asked if I wanted to do anything afterwards, and I told her I should get going so I could call Jameson. She was surprised that I talk to him. Evidently, she thought that I would have broken up with him by now, and when I asked her why, she went into this long talk about how she thinks she knows what it’s like to be me. I told her that even though things are rocky between us, doesn’t mean I can’t work through it. Then, she got some weird idea, and I’ll take this exactly how she put it, “Just tell him you want to break up with him.” She can’t get anything through her thick head that it’s a problem between my parents and I, and not a problem between Jameson and I.

After me being hot-headed and a little irritated with Tina, I went for a drive. I don’t know where I was going. I just drove. I needed to clear my head a bit, and that’s when I came really, really close to driving to Jameson. I knew I couldn’t; my parents wouldn’t appreciate it. Not to mention, fifteen dollars in cash and a bank card with no money in the account wouldn’t get me very far. I can’t believe I’m listening to my parents rather than following what my heart tells me to do. Every day that passes with my parents and I not agreeing on some sort of plan for Jameson and I to meet, I break down.

When I got home this evening from a good two- hour drive, I got the paper and mail. I noticed there was a hand-address letter to me from my school district. My first instinct was, “what do they want now?” but, rather, it was another letter to myself that I had written when I was a senior in high school. After reading it, I can’t believe how much life doesn’t work out they way we want it to. I wrote about my personality, looks, interests, and friends. Looking at what I wrote down for my goals to be, I reached one of them. Pretty good if you ask me, but I still don’t think I’m satisfied. Then again, nobody ever thought I would have to take a year off from school to take care of my mom after her second surgery. The one person that meant most to me back then was Tony, even though by that time, we still weren’t on speaking terms, and ever since that one incident, never were. Somehow, I thought our friendship would last through anything, but it didn’t. I also mentioned how I wanted to be in a relationship ready for marriage, without impressing anybody or being someone I’m not.

After reading that letter, the one two years before that, and comparing them to how I feel today, one thing is for sure. I’m not happy.