PayPerPost: What I’m Earning

Here it goes, another sponsored post. There’s a new way to earn money from your website, aimed directly at bloggers. Bloggers can now earn from writing blog posts through the system. I joined about two weeks ago, hesitant on joining because I was skeptical about how much I would make and how easy it would be. It’s very simple.

First of all, you’ll need a blog that meets some criteria. This is what really prevented me from joining, I wasn’t sure I would be accepted. But to my surprise, my blog was accepted. Approval takes a few days and then you’ll have access to the open opportunities. It’s extremely easy to find an opportunity that best fits with your blog. As an example, sometimes I feel like writing a lot. In that case, I’ll look for an opportunity that requires me to write more.

I found the perfect opportunity. My first paid post was to write a review on a lighting website. I chose it because many of my readers know that my family and I are in the middle of remodeling a lot of our house, and getting ideas for lighting fixtures was a great choice.

After taking the time to write about the site, I went back to and submitted my link details. In a few days, my post was approved and I earned my first five dollars in just under an hour. I didn’t think it would be so easy! Hopefully the few extra dollars I’m earning will help with the student loans and bills.

Overall, is a wonderful opportunity to monetize from blogs.

sponsored post

get paid to review my post

Lighting Fixtures

As a few of you already know, our house needs a bit of work. It was the other night when I was sitting in the basement working on a tote bag that I realized that there was no light whatsoever, even though every lamp and overhead had been turned on. That’s when I suggested putting up some grid lighting. I came across a website that sells many lighting fixtures and accessories, Frank Buchwald Lamps.

The category breakdown made it extremely easy to find what I was looking for. I eventually found the 6 Light Monorail Kit. Do you know what makes it even better? The glass surrounding the light bulbs matches the half bath we just finished painting! I’m all about color coordination. The website also has a different color options available for some products. I also found it interesting they sell a Pot Rack. I went to the local home lighting store a few weekends ago, and I don’t remember seeing any of those. I found a nice outdoor wall lamp that should needs to replace what’s currently used outside. It’s cheaper through the website than from the local lighting store!

Most of the products include free shipping. And for people who seem to have “extra” money laying around in their PayPal account, that is a payment option. The return policy is fair. Those details right there would have me interested in buying from this site instead of from a different online retailer.

get paid to review my post