My primary physician took her time and actually LISTENED to my concerns. The clinic is never on-time, but after today’s visit I decided having a wonderful doctor is “worth the wait.” My doctor has given me medication to help my pain and has referred me to an orthopedic doctor for my knee since she says there is something “definitely wrong” with it.
In other news, my car insurance company has been great after the accident (two weeks ago). However, the insurance of the two others involved need to stop dragging their feet.  I hate driving the rental, a Toyota 4Runner.  I want my car repaired and returned.  I want everything to be resolved before my trip home; my much-needed vacation.


We’ve made the move and I’m slowly unpacking.  I was able to have enough thyroid hormone in my body to allow me to do a little bit of work but I was hit with a triple whammy:  back pain, migraine, and a knee injury.  Right now I am doing alright.  The swelling in my knee has gone down a bit since I’ve been taking Advil and icing my knee in the evening.  The pain is still there and stairs are my enemy.  My knee clicks and pops and oh my gosh, ouch, ouch, ouch.  I’m at the point where I’m not sure if I’m doing more damage to my knee or not.  I have to keep moving or I will stiffen up and have the widespread pain cycle start all over.

The new place has southern and eastern exposure.  This means we get woken up naturally since I haven’t put up room darkening curtains.  This also means the electric bill will be a more than we are used to since it appears the air conditioner runs 70% of the time to keep it 72 degrees, up from the normal 68 degrees I enjoy.

There are a few annoyances with the new place, other than it being far from town.  The master bathroom door can’t be accessed unless the master bedroom door is closed because it opens toward the bathroom door.  The kitchen doesn’t have a lot of room for large, yet not so large, items (larger cutting board) because the bottom storage have a half shelf at the back.  It’s kind of stupid because even if I were to use the shelves, they’re so far back I would have to crawl on the floor to reach them.  I keep the Magic Bullet and blender in the box and the only place to put them is in the linen closet outside the guest bedroom, but only one can fit on the shelf.  I don’t like to store items under the sink or that would be the best option.  It is difficult to turn left out onto the highway since there is no traffic light.

I would like to say that I’m sleeping well, but I’m not.  I am dreaming all the time, even when I doze off for ten minutes.  I can clearly recall what’s happening, and at times, I am terrified by what I witness in my dreams.  My therapist hasn’t been able to help me because — surprise!  I haven’t been assigned one yet.  I get to call for my outpatient medication clinic appointment next week where I will at least mention my concerns.  It’s been almost two months and I feel like the depression side of things are not quite right.  I’m aware of what my triggers are and I’m doing my best to counter them.

I am going back home for two weeks in late August.  I’m crossing my fingers that Delta doesn’t change my flights again because I specifically chose my flights for their CRJ100/200 aircraft.

Also enjoying this gigabit Internet.

Alive … Barely

I haven’t done anything because I have no energy.  I had labs on Friday and I received my results last night.  My thyroid levels are LOW.  And when I saw LOW I mean HIGH which is low, low, low, like “no wonder I feel like shit low.”  I missed my appointment with the endocrinologist because I was in the hospital.  The social worker didn’t cancel and reschedule an appointment for me.  When I left the hospital I immediately called for a follow-up for the first available which is on Wednesday.  Between that time I was going to run out of Synthroid so I called my doctor’s office directly.  They told me to call the pharmacy directly and that my request would be granted.  I also mentioned I had a follow-up scheduled.

I went to pick up my prescriptions a week later and the pharmacist told me they faxed the request twice and didn’t hear back.  The fax definitely went through because two orders were faxed at the same time and the other was refilled without a problem.  I’ve been without my medication for two weeks and I feel like crap.  My lab results explain why.  I am extremely happy I had an entire panel of labs done while I was hospitalized to show baseline that my current dosage was working.

50 more weeks without medication and I’d be close to being dead.

Just under two weeks until the move.  I don’t need to be feeling this fatigued right before a move.  I still need to to pack things that we’re keeping and donate/toss the rest.  I made a ton of phone calls that needed to be done and had I not written them down I wouldn’t have gotten to it.

Ideas in therapy are working well.  Next up:  how to ask questions that I probably don’t want to know the answer to.