Beep Beep Here Comes the Jeep

I woke up to a temperature of 47 degrees.  It feels WONDERFUL.  If it gets too warm in a car, most people turn off the heat.  I prefer to roll down the window.  That’s one of the many stereotypical things Minnesotans do.

Since July, I’ve rented a Kia that smelled like smoke, a Chevy Malibu, a Toyota 4 Runner, and Jeep Compass.  I’m leasing hubby’s co-worker’s Jeep Wrangler until the car is fixed.  It took a call and letter to the SC Department of Insurance to get the insurance companies to figure out their shit.  One company has decided 70% liability but the other refuses the remainder.  Apparently being stopped at a stop sign makes me 30% at fault for the accident.  Whatever.  I said fuck it and am starting the repairs on the CX-5 since I want my own car back.

Don’t tell anyone:  I really enjoy driving the Cherokee despite my actions or words.

I recently reunited with an acquaintance from high school who I haven’t spoken to in two years.  It is really nice to talk again.  Everything is very natural; it’s like we just talked the other day as we picked up where we last left off.


My primary physician took her time and actually LISTENED to my concerns. The clinic is never on-time, but after today’s visit I decided having a wonderful doctor is “worth the wait.” My doctor has given me medication to help my pain and has referred me to an orthopedic doctor for my knee since she says there is something “definitely wrong” with it.
In other news, my car insurance company has been great after the accident (two weeks ago). However, the insurance of the two others involved need to stop dragging their feet.  I hate driving the rental, a Toyota 4Runner.  I want my car repaired and returned.  I want everything to be resolved before my trip home; my much-needed vacation.


I hate CVS.  This is just one of the annoyances lately.

I gave them four days notice on a refill and on my pick up date they tell me it’s on inventory.  Really?  I was told it would be ready in two days.  That’s five business days to wait for a refill.  I picked them up and as I’m putting my medication in a reminder box, I look to see that there is not the right amount of pills in the bottle.  I take two, so I pay two co-pays.  I paid two co-pays and got essentially a 14 day supply.

They’re also fucking annoying with the refill reminders and refill authorization reminders.  I know they’re trying to look out for me but they’re communicating with me at the wrong times.