I’m getting married on Saturday. I never though the day would come; time moves too slowly! Now I’m so excited I can’t sleep. I am putting together the last details (music, favors, place cards) and then the planning is finally over… and the big day comes.

My uncle is coming up from way southern Texas on Wednesday (that’s tomorrow!). Wow, I’m so excited to meet people I’ve never seen in a long time. A friend from high school is coming to the wedding. I sent an invitation and wasn’t sure if she would show up because she waited until the very last minute to respond. My mom was going to make it a surprise, but I noticed her name on the list when I was going through final counts.

After the wedding I plan on going on a mini vacation near Albany, New York. I’ll spend three nights at the hotel, plus the two overnights from driving. I’m excited for the vacation too that I might not even need the overnight of rest. But I’ll be safe, I promise.

I’m so excited I can’t even write a good entry…I’m like a kid in a candy store!

International Falls

I went to International Falls on Saturday. The drive was kind of boring. The typical road, surrounded by the fall past-peak colors. The drive up took almost five hours, and on the way home I managed to make it back in a little over three. I think “being up all day Saturday” syndrome got to me. By the time I arrived, I was really, really tired. I overslept and didn’t do much when I was up there. The visit consisted of a stay at one of the nicer hotels up there and lunch at Hardee’s.

While waiting for the lunch turnover and meal to arrive, which was at least thirty minutes, there was a two dollar Canadian coin sitting on one of the tables. After nobody claimed it, I took it for myself. (International Falls sits on the Minnesota-Ontario border.) I’m $1.82 USD richer, last I checked. The Canadian dollar does go further here; explains why Canadians jump here to shop, eat, and…gamble.

He’s considering moving to Canada on a temporary visa. Sounds interesting, yet scary.

Too Long, Didn’t Care to Update

..I suck at updates. Anyway…about that vacation? Abbreviated story. In snippets.

Arrive in Las Vegas.
Pick up luggage off carousel.
Take shuttle bus to car rentals.
Wait in line at Avis.
Get a rental car.
Drive to Mandalay Bay.
Valet park.
Check into Mandalay Bay.
Woman who checked us in thought *Rob and I* were getting married so we got an upgraded room.
Go to hotel room.
Jaw drops.

HUGE. (See pictures on Flickr.)
Not kidding.
This room was larger than Rob’s condo.

I forgot between the days.

It’s Thursday.
Take tram to Excalibur to see Louie Anderson.

It’s Friday.
Drive to Wynn.
Have an early lunch.
Visit Rob’s mom in her hotel room.
Take limousine to the wedding chapel.
Go to Rob’s mother’s wedding ceremony.
Take pictures.
Take the limo back to Wynn.
Have a great buffet meal at Wynn.
Take rental car back to Mandalay Bay.

It’s Saturday.
Did nothing all afternoon until later in the day.
Drive to Henderson to go to the cactus garden and chocolate factory.
Come out with loads of chocolate.

our rental car had been broken into.

Got some sympathy M&M’s from a worker.
Waited hours for police to show up.
The GPS was stolen.
Get a new rental car.
Feel shitty the rest of the night.
Order a huge meal via room service.
More gambling.
Won a ton of money.
Won a ton of money again!

It’s Sunday.
Went to see Penn and Teller live.
I would love to go again.

It’s Monday.
Time to go home.
The plane home sucked.
Our flight attendant was sleeping.
And she didn’t offer me any wine with my meal.

Complaining in my blog makes me feel better.