Today is the first day since first playing World of Warcraft that I’ve let my subscription lapse.  Cheer!

In the middle of writing this post, my mom interrupted me by bringing in a bag of some of my stuff.  It was the wedding bag.  My dress, veil, shoes, undergarments, and various other trinkets were in there.  Trash the dress?  Mom said no to that idea.  Oh, trash the dress with the other look-identical, two-sizes-too-big-back-then, years after the fact dress?  That dress is in the closet.  Sure, go for it.  My tiara is a bit tarnished and bent.  And my hairdresser was finding a kind way to ask me if my hair has thinned since I last saw her (years ago).  Yes.  Yes it has thinned.  I’m going to start taking biotin.

wedding tiara

There were also a bunch of promotional cards for anime inside the wedding bag.  I have no idea where they came from.  I have yet to finish Eden of the East.  Can’t say much about it/interesting to admit considering I’ve only seen the first episode or two.  It was one of the few anime, since after meeting hubby, that I was able to finish an episode without getting bored.  Compliment:  the guy knows how to pick them well!

promo card

My mom drove to show me the new MN-610/I-94 interchange.  It’s nice to see it finished, even if construction is 10 years too late.  The drive to Rogers is even quicker than it was a few years ago.  After having lunch, she drove me to see the new entrance to the outlet mall.  It has its own exit going west on I-94.  I guess that’s an improvement?  Always room for more though.  Lane Bryant returned to the outlet mall so we stopped in and she bought me a pair of my favorite pants (a pair only available at the Lane Bryant outlets) and a lovely black and white polka dot tulle skirt.


Truly an OOTD!  The skirt goes with my pajama top!!  There are three layers of tulle and a black underskirt.  It’s a very full, feminine skirt (although it has nowhere near the 20+ yards of tulle that went into my senior prom dress.)  I’m also sporting my new hair cut!  Between the airplane travel and the weather up here, my cuticles need some TLC.  Thankfully the weather here in the next week is expected to bring record highs.  Along with that, hopefully less dry weather.

It was decided during dinner that the mysterious rashes I get whenever I’m up here are due to alien encounters.  (I’m joking, of course.)  Seriously, why do I keep getting them?  It’s like I’m allergic to my childhood bedroom!


Like a Date Day

We took a break from packing, cleaning, and everything else that’s on the to-do list before we move.  We spent the majority of the day out.  The weather was beautiful and I’m glad I could enjoy it.  Plus no pain today!  I wanted a tuna sandwich for lunch but I told hubby I would take him anywhere except Chipotle.  (One of these days I’m going to surprise him and do it.)  He wanted to go to a burger joint in the Rivergate area that he’s been to but this was my first time visit.  I’m not a burger person; I prefer chicken.    I was going to get a salad but upon seeing the salads used mixed greens (not too keen on those) I decided to get a chicken sandwich.  I was “good” in the sense that I didn’t get fries and opted for my side salad to satisfy the craving.  Unfortunately for me I’m still craving that salad and I will probably go out this afternoon to get it!

American Burger Company: Buffalo Chicken Sandwich
I ate this using the lettuce as the bottom bun.
American Burger Company: Side Salad
This beast was a meal in itself. $3.99 – great value!
American Burger Company: Cinnabolts
These were not very good.

Hubby walked across the courtyard to Coldstone.  I debated if I was going to get anything.  There was a yogurt bar.  I decided if I was going to cheat I should do it in a more healthy way.  I made my own cookies and creme.

Vanilla frozen yogurt with Oreo pieces.


We went to Home Depot so hubby could get a key made and for us to get ideas for lighting and other accessories for the new apartment.  There was an “incident” in the parking lot.  I had my signal on to indicate I was going to turn left down an isle and the car in the other direction was just sitting there so I went for it.  When I got out of the car a lady started to yell at me for being rude.  I admit I might be wrong and reviewing footage makes me a better driver.

I had some other business I needed to take care of.  I went to a few stores and none of them had what I wanted.  I was a bit reluctant to write about this because it’s kind of personal but two things came out of this; a serious socio-economic issue and comic relief from my frustration.  I was store-hopping to find a specific condom.  After visiting two stores that carried them but were sold out, I found a CVS that had them in stock.  This CVS is in a lower-class neighborhood.  Crime rates are probably a little bit higher in this area than the immediate surrounding areas.  I understand that stores would want to protect merchandise by either locking it behind a window (baby formula), putting it in a clear anti-theft box (razor refills), or adding anti-theft tags (Tide laundry detergent).  There was a line at the pharmacy and the condoms were located behind the pharmacy.  Condoms aren’t a product I think deserves to be “inaccessible.”  What.  The.  Heck.  I’m not an expert in consumer habits, but I believe that condoms are one of those products that people are embarrassed to ask for.  I think it’s a barrier and I can give a few examples and reasons for why I think that.  I walked out of the store simply because I didn’t want to wait in a long line at the pharmacy.  (Plan B One-Step was on the shelf and not behind the pharmacy — someone explain this to me!)

I was frustrated.  A Walgreens near me had what I wanted in stock.  On the way there I realized it was prom night.  On the way home I saw more teens in front of the waterwheel having their pictures taken.  And then I laughed out loud and decided the reasons the store shelves were empty of condoms is because they were being bought for after-prom night festivities.  (Not really.  I’m sure it’s just coincidence.)