Most of my closest friends and readers know that my slogan is “I hate people.” I’ve been bothering my mom for a couple years to get my a shirt that has my slogan on it. She hasn’t been able to fill my wish since neither of us can find anyone who will make the shirts.

That was until I came across a website, CustomInk. The FAQ section explains everything about the ordering process; the process is extremely easy. Unlike many online retailers that offer services like CustomInk’s, they offer free shipping.

Have you ever wanted your logo or artwork on a shirt? Not only does CustomInk offer shirts, but you can put your graphic on a teddy bear, beer cooshie, shot glass, or umbrella.

The customer reviews are an excellent addition to their site. From the reviews of others, it appears that CustomInk offers one-on-one “personalized” service to ensure you receive exactly what you’d like. Can the larger online retailer do that for you? (Didn’t think so.)

I’m going to tell my mother she can get my shirts here, then she can order five more for people who don’t like people as well.

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PayPerPost – I Love It!

I’ve been a member of PayPerPost for a few months now. Since this blog is mostly personal, I don’t check out my qualified blogging opportunities every day, but sometimes I wish I did. The money I’ve made, which isn’t too much, is enough to pay the hosting bill. But if you’d like to give this a try, go for it, it’s really easy.

All you need is a blog that meets certain criteria, like being “active” and having a certain number of posts. I’ve you’ve had your blog for a while, this shouldn’t be a problem. It may take a few days for your blog to be approved. Once that’s done — you’re on your way to making money from your blog!

Why I love PPP:
1. Offers targeted toward your blog content.
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