Let’s Pretend…

I have two days to write the group paper. Wouldn’t you know, nobody has taken the time to inform me of their opinions. At this point, I’m thinking of calling each group member and saying, “Hey, we had a deal…” My feelings are the same as the class instructor’s. If this were in a workplace environment, we’d be fired right now. Which leads me to say this:

Let’s pretend I’m the boss of a company. I told my employees to do something, they agreed and wrote it down in their notes. As the boss, I am not going to call everybody I look after to tell them to work.

You know what’s sad? My final communication process journal is based on this entry I’m writing now. I am getting extremely frustrated with this. You think a paper and project that is worth a quarter of your grade would be “enough” motivation to get this done. Maybe they think they’re getting away with a good grade if they don’t do anything, since I seem to be taking most of the work load, now that we “failed” our project. I feel like I’m the only one who is trying to work this out.

I want them to get nothing if they don’t help me with this. How do I tell the instructor?

For a change, here are some photos I took of my room/”office space.” I think my camera got a bit lonely.

This is the wall behind and to the left of my computer.

This is the wall next to my bed.

This is the wall behind where I sit at the computer.

computer area
This is where I’m sitting now.

See’s Candies is the best ever…