Smorty: Paid to Blog

Smorty lets you advertise on blogs. This means that blog owners will be able to get earn money from blogging and advertisers will benefit from paid exposure in blogs. I’m a blogger through Smorty. The process of getting started with Smorty is easy. A blogger who wishes to use the Smorty signs up and has their blog reviewed by a Smorty staff member within a few days. Once a blog is approved, the blogger signs into their account and find the available blogging opportunities to them. The paid to blog offers start at six dollars per post and can range up to $100, depending on blog factors such as Google PageRank and Smorty’s unique “star rating” system. Once a blogger accepts an opportunity, they have one day to submit their posting to Smorty. With Smorty, bloggers don’t have to wait months to be paid because Smorty pays a few times a month and Smorty’s goal is to have bloggers paid within a week. The requirements for a Smorty blogger’s post being approved are very simple and extremely fair.

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