Cher’s Las Vegas Concert

I just downloaded some music off iTunes and noticed that I didn’t have many older songs. I dug up a few albums and transferred them to my laptop so I had more “elder-friendly” music to play at work. I came across one of Cher’s greatest hits albums. I forgot how good her music is. A few of my favorites are “Believe,” “Dixie,” and “Emotional Fire.”

After doing some research, I found out that Cher has a show in Las Vegas. Many of you know that I will do or find any reason to go to Las Vegas. What about getting Cher tickets in Las Vegas? There are two great things, it’s being held at one of my mom’s favorite hotels in Vegas. ANNNND, you know how everyone in my family likes making fun of Celine Dion? Well Cher’s show is replacing Celine’s show. I guess that might be a downfall since we can’t make fun of Celine anymore, but the great side is that Cher has great music. (Ha ha.)

Cher’s new show is being held at Caesar’s Palace, which is on the strip of Las Vegas. Her show will start in May of this year and is at 7:30 PM on Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday nights. There you go, about 200 chances to see Cher in concert!

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