Assessment Tests

I took my assessment tests for college this afternoon. I did somewhat worse than I had expected in my beginning and intermediate maths. The tests were timed, so I felt rushed near the end. I love math, love figuring out numbers and equations, but if I’m given twenty minutes to do fifteen problems, I won’t be accurate.

This is no surprise; I wasn’t good at reading comprehension. I understand WHAT I read, but I don’t understand WHY and HOW people are SUPPOSED to feel about writings. You know, those questions like, “Does the author have bias toward one student over another?”

I like being organized, er, knowing what’s coming up. I printed out the required courses and looked up the prerequisites for each. Then, I placed twelve credits in each quarter and planned out how I wanted to complete my degree. This means that if everything goes according to plans, by this time next year, I’ll have a two-year degree under my belt. And after that, I’ll probably do more school since I’m eighty percent sure I don’t want to look for a job unless I have a Bachelor degree.

I’m going to call an Advisor today and ask to be enrolled in the following courses: Introductory Algebra; Introduction to Windows; Introduction to Database Applications; Mathematics for Business; and Human Relations.

Oh, work, too! How could I forget? I had a meet and greet yesterday evening. I went in not expecting to get anything, but….walk out with full-time (or close to) hours starting Thursday morning! And split shifts on weekends. And a pay increase! And benefits! I hope it works and lasts… 🙂

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