I’m extremely pissed that he hasn’t “stepped up to the plate.”

Now, ask me why this is what I thinking when I *should* be on my way to a job interview…


I have an interview next week as a field auditor. Sounds, um, interesting. I guess they hire people on a part-time basis to go to stores and make sure that … well, I have no idea, really. But it still sounds fun. (Someone who has worked in retail care to tell me what “scam” I’m getting myself into???)

Also, went to school to take a more accurate assessment test. The extremely surprising

1. Transportation – Airline Pilot, Truck Driver, Taxi Driver, Chauffeur, Ambulance Driver, Air Traffic Controller, (Yeahhh! Like I want all that stresssssssss!!) Delivery Truck Driver, etc.

2. Information Technology – Systems Analyst, Database Administrator, Web Designer, Computer Programmer, User Support Analyst, IT Disaster Recovery Specialist, Telecommunications Analyst, Broadband Network Installer, etc.

3. Production Services – Punch Press Operator, (Hello, daddy..) Assembler, Freight Inspector, Baker, Mail Handler, Shipping/Receiving Clerk, Highway Maintenance Worker, House Cleaner, Food Service Worker, Packager, etc.

4. Retail Sales – Absolutely NOT. (Auctioneer, Wait Staff, Cashier, Sales Associate, etc.)

5. Personal Caring Services – OK, been there, kind of like it…not really…moving on… (Nursing Aide, Counselor, Mental Health Ade, Physical Therapist, etc.)

6. Medical Sciences – I’m like the science, but I’m not “good enough.” (Surgeon, Dental Assistant, Dentist, Nutritionist, etc.)

7. Skilled/Mechanical/Technical – Funny, these were my “top choices” in the last assessment test, now there sitting at the bottom of the pit. Again, nothing on here that I would want to attempt. (Roofer, Bricklayer, Landscape Worker, Welder, Auto Mechanic, etc.)

Interesting. Honestly, I’ve learned A LOT about myself in the past few hours by taking this new test. One question on the test stood out to me:

Do you let your heart lead your mind, or do you let your mind lead your heart? :-/ Duh. *huge sigh*

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