Paycheck? School? More Therapy?

I thought today would have been better. I made plans to meet someone, and then came the “family emergency” excuse. Just tell me you don’t want to see me… :'(

I called up work yesterday during the shift change…and you wouldn’t believe who answered. Cindy, the manager who turned her back on me. The manager I’ve left three messages for finally, FINALLY gave me the number to payroll.

I call payroll. No answer. So I called again this morning and left a message. It’s been thirty-eight minutes and I haven’t received a call back. I’ve been in the payroll office before, and it’s not like you’re so busy you can’t answer a “question about my paycheck.”

I thought this was funny: I got a postcard in the mail from the ex-employer’s union telling me that I’m invited to go to the meeting. Hmm, maybe I should do that… *cough*

I had some problems with school a few days ago. I filled in a late withdrawal form. Hopefully my request will be approved. If it’s not, I’m going back to talk with Maxine, the woman who sets the customized training up. My mom told me yesterday that it doesn’t seem like the program is designed for someone like me; someone who doesn’t have any experience driving. But I’m thinking, “everyone has to start somewhere, right?

I have a job interview on Tuesday for a temporary agency doing some typing and paper shuffling. Yeah, that’s “exactly” what I want…not. I just have to let them know I have an appointment on the 16th. I’m going to see a new counselor that specializes working with young adults in “complex psychological trauma” and get this: co-dependency and parenting skills training. All in a “Christian faith-based” approach, if requested.

Yes, this should be LOVELY once everything is laid out on the table. At least I know she’s there not to judge me.

And when I call the medical insurance company to get a confirmation number so my first three visits are free, they can’t authorize it because I don’t have my father’s SSN. Um, wake up! We don’t live in a world anymore where people are should be identified in that manner. (Just got a call back in the middle of writing that last sentence and was asked for the ID number of our card. That number didn’t work either.) I remember when I was with Jameson, I made him run back out to the truck to get my purse because my father’s SSN was listed on the insurance card. We needed that so I could go with him — all that nifty stuff required for an insurance policy. I shredded that insurance card about a month ago when I traded my mom’s old one when they got the new ones at the beginning of the year.

….OK finally got that insurance stuff figured out – all set.

Speaking of insurance policies…I should change the beneficiary on my life policy so it’s not Jameson. Hm, I bet he didn’t know he was a beneficiary since July of 2005. Actually, I don’t even think my parents know I have a life insurance policy. I don’t think they’d appreciate it, though…me having one and having the ex get the benefit.

It’s weird sitting here, taking my hands and trying to push up my glasses so they’re sitting in the proper position on my nose. But, wait! There’s nothing there. I’m not wearing my glasses as often. And there’s a perk! The rash on my face has almost disappeared! 😀 But I refuse to believe there’s something on my glasses that was causing my face to break out in a rash. I suppose it might be true, though, seeing as some people get rashes on their chin if they use the telephone a lot.

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