I’m Having Surgery

Whee! English is over. Tomorrow is the last day of the trimester. I’m so happy. I FINALLY found my portfolio for foundations class. It was hiding in my dad’s room. I finished it all, so the only homework I have left is that fact sheet for self-development. My topic got changed to hair, which really made me happy, because after thinking of my previous topic, this topic seems much easier. I went to see the neurosurgeon again this morning. Yup, I’m having surgery. I didn’t hear much of what he said because I was in total shock. I mean, I was thinking surgery would be the next option, but hearing a doctor telling me that just freaked me out. But I have a while to think about it. I really want to be better, but I also want to be really better for the mass the choir and orchestra is putting on. It will take me a week to recover, so I need to think really hard about my decision. I think this is one of the hardest decisions I will have to make in my teenage life.

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