The First of 2020

Happy 2020!  It’s already February; where has the time gone?  The past week has been a wild one, in terms of weather.  Earlier last week it neared 70 degrees with six confirmed tornadoes touching down a few days ago.  Now it’s back to just above freezing temperatures.  I almost wonder if I’m back home in Minnesota?  Seeing as I just felt all four seasons in the past week …

I received notification that I passed my phlebotomy certification.  Being certified hasn’t helped much as far as getting job interviews.  I had one a few weeks ago but wasn’t offered a job.  I did, however, make a great “mistake” of answering a local phone call!  It was the US Census calling about the application I put in April of last year.  I went in for fingerprinting a few days after that, and a week ago I submitted my onboarding paperwork.  Now is the waiting game for training to start.

I will be meeting my mother in Las Vegas the first week of March.  We’ll be spending four nights together and we’re looking forward to it very much.

I hate when others are right.  There.  I said it.  I’ve been told you don’t truly know anyone until you meet them in person.  This can be true as I’ve recently found out.  Someone I once cared about married a mutual friend.  I think I’m upset mostly because I was cut out in favor of this other person.  If they had talked to me I would have been accepting and understanding.  Instead, I’m ghosted by those I care about and it sucks.  I told “Spyder” the long story of everything and they helped me identify great qualities in myself I never saw.  To the person(s) who ghosted me, if you’re reading this, I forgive you so I can move forward.  I’ll be here if you want to start over.

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