I was selected to receive just. products for free or at a discount in exchange for my unbiased review.  TMI warning:  I’m going to discuss menstruation and menstruation products.just.

“just. was created to take the drama out of choosing period protection.”  No dyes, fragrances, or chlorine bleaching.  just. pads have a 100% cotton top layer and just. tampons have a 100% cotton core.  I like what I use but just.’s product content of cotton, instead of rayon, piqued my curiosity.  I also wanted to learn more about chlorine bleaching.  When I talk about my current product, I use a combination of o.b. tampons with an Always daily liner; or a Softcup (which I just recently learned has been rebranded to Softdisc.)

First I will share my experience with the just. pads.  The pads come in two absorbencies:  super and overnight.  Being a larger lady, I purchased the overnight pads.  When I opened the package, the first thing I noticed were how thin the pads were.  I tried to keep an open mind, but I kept thinking, “these are paper thin pads and I don’t think they will protect well.”  The top layer of the pad is very soft and I could tell it was cotton.  It has a much different feel than my current product.  For science, I tried to rip a pad apart with my hands, but nothing happened and the pad seems to be strong.  The adhesive was weak and the wings were the only reason the pad stayed in place.  I use pads for backup protection, but used this product as first-line protection to try to get an honest review from me.  I wore one for under an hour and I realized I had to change it.  Another hour, changed it again.  I thought to myself, “I don’t have time for this.”  I have an IUD so my periods are extremely light.  This pad wasn’t absorbent.  At all.  I’ll leave it at that.  The thinness of the pad was okay, I suppose, but I’m one who prefers the non-thin pads because they seem to work better than the ultra thin pads.  The just. product is no different.

The just. tampons come in a plastic wrapper and a plastic applicator.  I have a feeling that the just. products are developed toward women who are careful about what they put into their bodies, and not the environment, because these tampons aren’t being advertised with buzz words such as “organic” or “better for the environment.”  That being said, I prefer tampons without applicators, and if I had to use a tampon with an applicator, I prefer one made from cardboard.  just. tampons grow in circular width, which is nice since I know there are some brands that grow in length or width at just a few points.  In this aspect, just. are comparable to my current product:  ideally, they will conform to my insides.  Two hours later I feel like something’s not right.  The just. tampon has leaked because it’s not absorbing.  I don’t want to get graphic, but the blood is seeping down the sides and down the string.  I take it out and it’s not even absorbing.  I tried two other times and had the same result.  Thankfully I had used backup protection.

I read about chlorine bleaching online from a variety of sources.  This hasn’t been a thing in the United States for years so honestly, I think this phrase is a marketing gimmick.  All major manufacturers of tampons in the United States do not use chlorine bleaching in their manufacturing process.

Based upon my usage of these two products, I’ve come to one conclusion:  cotton might feel better, but the products definitely don’t absorb as well as their conventional counterparts.

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