State Fair 2017; Other Updates

Better late than never?  I was able to snag a cheap flight home at the last minute, just three days before the state fair ended.  I arrived on Friday (August 28) morning, had a day of rest, and my mom and I went to the fair on Saturday (August 29).

French Toast Bites – whipped cream, strawberries, pop rocks.
Mini Cinni Smiths, an almost bite-size caramel roll.
Deep fried avocado! Delicious with a bit of spice!

Mom also bought a bucket of Sweet Martha’s cookies.  The cookies taste best fresh.  Wouldn’t you know?  They were all gone before I had a chance to freeze some and bring them back home.  Mom and I spent the majority of the morning at the fair and returned home around 2 PM.  Mom said she wouldn’t have stayed much longer than we did because it was getting a bit busy, even for her.  “Old” me would have freaked out over the amount of people and I think that is a great sign that my medications are working properly.

Miss Lilli was being her usual self.  The amount of time that passed since I last saw her wasn’t as long as previous times so she was happy to see me.  You do not want this little girl to be mad at you.  She will make your life much worse than these pictures document: photo bombing a selfie; walking on your snacks; and hogging the work area.

I’m sorry, were you trying to take a selfie?
I’m sorry, were you going to eat those?
Need your mouse and keyboard? Too bad!

Mom would have bought me a plane ticket to visit anyway.  Hurricane Irma had been predicted to move straight through Florida and up into the Carolinas.  I would have been too busy to let Mom know that I would be safe, but being the only child, spoiled, and everything that goes with it …

I had a follow-up MRI scheduled for the day after I returned home.  I received a call the day before saying my insurance declined to cover it.  At the time I was upset and my medical team was ??? with communication about the next step.  Later that day I get a call from rehabilitation to make an initial consultation appointment.  Although confused, I made the appointment.  I put two and two together, logged into the patient portal and read that I need six consecutive weeks of physical therapy  (PT) before insurance will consider covering the MRI.  I had my initial consultation two weeks ago and this week will be the first week of PT.  I wish the process could be moved along more quickly because there’s something about maxing out benefits for the year and taking advantage of the system.  I met my maximum in the spring when I was hospitalized in may for DKA.  I was hoping it was going to be a quick in/out but I was there for at least five nights.  By the time I was discharged, I wanted to wear long sleeves.  I ended up blowing all my IVs resulting in unsightly bruises.    My mom will be visiting in November.  This will make a “record year” of family visits since I’ve moved down here.  I think it is helpful for my mental health.  I know after February, April, and September I felt renewed.  I’m expecting no less for November.

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