Alive … Barely

I haven’t done anything because I have no energy.  I had labs on Friday and I received my results last night.  My thyroid levels are LOW.  And when I saw LOW I mean HIGH which is low, low, low, like “no wonder I feel like shit low.”  I missed my appointment with the endocrinologist because I was in the hospital.  The social worker didn’t cancel and reschedule an appointment for me.  When I left the hospital I immediately called for a follow-up for the first available which is on Wednesday.  Between that time I was going to run out of Synthroid so I called my doctor’s office directly.  They told me to call the pharmacy directly and that my request would be granted.  I also mentioned I had a follow-up scheduled.

I went to pick up my prescriptions a week later and the pharmacist told me they faxed the request twice and didn’t hear back.  The fax definitely went through because two orders were faxed at the same time and the other was refilled without a problem.  I’ve been without my medication for two weeks and I feel like crap.  My lab results explain why.  I am extremely happy I had an entire panel of labs done while I was hospitalized to show baseline that my current dosage was working.

50 more weeks without medication and I’d be close to being dead.

Just under two weeks until the move.  I don’t need to be feeling this fatigued right before a move.  I still need to to pack things that we’re keeping and donate/toss the rest.  I made a ton of phone calls that needed to be done and had I not written them down I wouldn’t have gotten to it.

Ideas in therapy are working well.  Next up:  how to ask questions that I probably don’t want to know the answer to.

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