Like a Date Day

We took a break from packing, cleaning, and everything else that’s on the to-do list before we move.  We spent the majority of the day out.  The weather was beautiful and I’m glad I could enjoy it.  Plus no pain today!  I wanted a tuna sandwich for lunch but I told hubby I would take him anywhere except Chipotle.  (One of these days I’m going to surprise him and do it.)  He wanted to go to a burger joint in the Rivergate area that he’s been to but this was my first time visit.  I’m not a burger person; I prefer chicken.    I was going to get a salad but upon seeing the salads used mixed greens (not too keen on those) I decided to get a chicken sandwich.  I was “good” in the sense that I didn’t get fries and opted for my side salad to satisfy the craving.  Unfortunately for me I’m still craving that salad and I will probably go out this afternoon to get it!

American Burger Company: Buffalo Chicken Sandwich
I ate this using the lettuce as the bottom bun.
American Burger Company: Side Salad
This beast was a meal in itself. $3.99 – great value!
American Burger Company: Cinnabolts
These were not very good.

Hubby walked across the courtyard to Coldstone.  I debated if I was going to get anything.  There was a yogurt bar.  I decided if I was going to cheat I should do it in a more healthy way.  I made my own cookies and creme.

Vanilla frozen yogurt with Oreo pieces.


We went to Home Depot so hubby could get a key made and for us to get ideas for lighting and other accessories for the new apartment.  There was an “incident” in the parking lot.  I had my signal on to indicate I was going to turn left down an isle and the car in the other direction was just sitting there so I went for it.  When I got out of the car a lady started to yell at me for being rude.  I admit I might be wrong and reviewing footage makes me a better driver.

I had some other business I needed to take care of.  I went to a few stores and none of them had what I wanted.  I was a bit reluctant to write about this because it’s kind of personal but two things came out of this; a serious socio-economic issue and comic relief from my frustration.  I was store-hopping to find a specific condom.  After visiting two stores that carried them but were sold out, I found a CVS that had them in stock.  This CVS is in a lower-class neighborhood.  Crime rates are probably a little bit higher in this area than the immediate surrounding areas.  I understand that stores would want to protect merchandise by either locking it behind a window (baby formula), putting it in a clear anti-theft box (razor refills), or adding anti-theft tags (Tide laundry detergent).  There was a line at the pharmacy and the condoms were located behind the pharmacy.  Condoms aren’t a product I think deserves to be “inaccessible.”  What.  The.  Heck.  I’m not an expert in consumer habits, but I believe that condoms are one of those products that people are embarrassed to ask for.  I think it’s a barrier and I can give a few examples and reasons for why I think that.  I walked out of the store simply because I didn’t want to wait in a long line at the pharmacy.  (Plan B One-Step was on the shelf and not behind the pharmacy — someone explain this to me!)

I was frustrated.  A Walgreens near me had what I wanted in stock.  On the way there I realized it was prom night.  On the way home I saw more teens in front of the waterwheel having their pictures taken.  And then I laughed out loud and decided the reasons the store shelves were empty of condoms is because they were being bought for after-prom night festivities.  (Not really.  I’m sure it’s just coincidence.)

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