Something is Around the Corner…!

1. Creativity.
2. Work.
3. Upcoming vacation.

It snowed yesterday for twelve hours straight. I left early for work thinking I’d have to clear all the snow off my Vue and let it warm up, but there was no snow to be found. [sarcasm] WTF? How can it snow for so long without leaving evidence behind? Oh, that’s right, this is Minnesota. [end sarcasm]

Look at what time it is. I should have been in bed over an hour ago, but my mind is working — it has been all night.

I was “forced” into doing my work at work. I needed that kick in the butt… after I finished, I realized how quickly time went by. I happened to bring my jump drive with me and I started playing with coding…for the first time in AGES. And you know what? I loved every minute of it. So much, in fact, that I lost track of time and stayed overtime (which I will not be paid).

Anxious to start again, I made my way home, forgetting that it is Tuesday. Tuesday is the worst day of the week, not only because I can’t play WoW, but because I have to haul myself and Uncle to downtown Minneapolis. Precious “me” time of the week gone. I am working my fingers, producing another of my wonderful designs; it will be minimalistic, more so than the current one. (I love my current design, perhaps that’s why it’s been up for three years.)

Give me a few days — maybe through the end of the month, depending on how my creativity flows, to get it up.

Back to work. I was greeted by the woman I’ve seen a few times. First thought is “Oh shit, you’re firing me?” But it was nothing. She was there since she got a new work laptop and needed help setting it up. I got my orders for the night, initialize (erase existing data and make fresh) computer tapes. I hate, hate, HATE doing it, but the only reason it got done was because I had my one boss there; and I know I wouldn’t have been able to get away with doing nothing for an hour. Like I said, time flew by. I think being bored for such a long time, yet boredom going by quickly surprised me. And that’s when the creativity hit me.

Next week I’m going on “vacation.” I classify anything as being away from work as “vacation.” But in this case, I will be on what the average Joe considers vacation since I will be out of state and in a hotel. Lovely Madison. Chicago. 🙂 I love my Chicago. Did someone say “Indianapolis?” Yeah, that … place. I’m thinking of skipping Chicago/I-polis and ending up somewhere else to surprise *him* which is why I can’t tell him I’m leaving. (He knows that if I’m going east I may as well travel the extra X hours and end up in Y.) *le sigh*

…..or, I can do what I do best 🙂 Visit somewhere I have not been before.

The queen size bed frame is coming today. I’ve never seen it, but the price was right. I’ll finally have my comfy bed back! And then I’ll get the “right amount” of sleep that maybe I’ll actually feel normal for once.


k, needz sleep.


It has been nearly a year since I’ve made an update. What can I say?

I’m still working at my job over at the “Evil Empire” competitor’s HQ.

Early last month my uncle informed us he was in the hospital (again.) Long story made short, he is without health insurance and lived near the TX-Mexico border. My mom and I drove down to visit him since he was not doing well. He had an antibiotic resistant infection running throughout his bloodstream. We came back home and a week later my parents went back to bring him up here. He is in the hospital up here and should be back home soon. We are waiting for the ninety day waiting period before he can get insurance from the government since he will be classified as disabled and therefore, claim social security or something. Not sure how that works.

I have not been good at keeping up my friendships. My third shift work hours make it nearly impossible to see others. I hate using the “I’m tired” excuse, but it’s the truth.

I had plans about two months ago to see Randy. Randy forgot about the plans and when I showed up to his house, his drunk room mate threatened me with a spoon and called the cops on me. I later find out he was full of shit. Drunk people usually are. Randy will be doing something with me tomorrow night.

Brandon, who I considered to be one of my closest friends has fallen from the face of the Earth. And I’d love to get really honest about that but I don’t want to ruin my chance to make up with him because what I’d say wouldn’t be something he wants to hear.

In the past few months I have been able to learn about myself and what I’m interested in, something I didn’t think I was able to do.

I believe I have a mental illness (depression or bi-polar) since I’m either “normal” or “sad.” Today I feel “normal.” I quit seeing therapists because they were a waste of money. One wanted to talk to my parents to teach them how to be better parents – WTF? I’m an adult… and the other didn’t like the fact that I wasn’t Christian. She didn’t say so, but I could tell.

I’m fat. I’m chubby. I’m morbidly obese. Call it what you will. I understand that. I love myself but have a hard time showing it sometimes. A new look (hair, nails, clothes, etc.) would make me feel better. That and this rash on my face. It looks like pimples on my forehead and cheeks, red, flaky. And it will not go away no matter what I do — that is the number one reason for me not feeling confident. I can’t go into public without showing my face.

I am very interested in supporting the following social/political movements: fat/size acceptance, childfree, pro-choice, and Libertarianism.

I believe all sizes should be accepted in society. Do not regulate anything based on size, including but not limited to airline seating and job discrimination.

I do not want children. My children are cats. I can’t afford children and if I had a child I would not take care of it.

I am pro-choice, not pro-abortion

I would like to be a good little girl and update this more often.

Not Enough Time

Did I tell you I’m getting married to my sweetheart?

My parents are hosting our wedding, so I’ve been running back and forth between the two houses to share information and exchange ideas. My working nights is becoming a burden during wedding planning. I need to go look at tuxedos, meet with the chapel planner, and meet with a caterer. I’m always sleeping until early evening, outside normal business hours. I don’t want to sacrifice sleep for getting things done. It always seems like the one day I decide to get up in the afternoon, for whatever reason, I end up having a work day from hell.

I’ve found my dress. I got it off an Internet website since it’s extremely hard to find wedding dresses in extended sizes that are in-stock. Rob and I first thought about having a small wedding in Vegas, but Rob’s mom thought it was too hard for everyone to gather far from home. That’s why we planned for a Thanksgiving weekend wedding, when prices are [interestingly] low. Now we have a wedding booked at the chapel the Saturday before Thanksgiving. This way we can nab some deals on hotels in our dream vacation spot that isn’t Japan.

Our reception is being held in an executive center of Mall of America that overlooks the park. We were told that the catering menu is fabulous. However, after staring at the menus for over two weeks, everyone is in agreement that the menus appeal to business-like venues instead of weddings. We’re allowed to bring our own wedding cake from outside sources, and when my mom voice concerns about the menu choices and went unanswered, it dawned on us that they probably haven’t catered a wedding before. Somehow I think it is going to be disastrous.

About two weeks ago, I gave the car back to my parents and had my dad co-sign my loan so I could get a better rate. I bought a 2007 Saturn Vue…green…pretty much fully loaded. Excellent price and low miles. I ran out of my first tank of gas because my gas gauge wasn’t reading properly and didn’t signal off the low level light. Hopefully I’ll be able to get that repaired shortly.